How To Fight Adult Acne

Everyone wants to grow up and be an adult.  Most of us spend our entire childhoods dreaming of the day that we are free of the bonds of childhood.  But when we get to the promised land of adulthood, we find that it isn’t everything that it is cracked up to be.  And every now and then, some of our old childhood problems come back to haunt us.  One of those problems is acne.  Yes, adults get acne too and for many of the same reasons that teenagers get it.  But as adults, you have a lot more control over your life and a few more options at your disposal than the average teenager.  You can fight adult acne if you know how.

Adults face a lot more stressful situations than teenagers and stress is a major cause of adult acne.   If you thought finding the perfect dress for the prom was tough, how about when your boss gives you a 5 day project and asks you to do it in 2 days?  Or when you forgot your wife’s birthday and you have to scramble to find a gift in an hour.  These situations can cause you to sweat and perspire and that allows all of the harmful things (dust and dirt) to cover your skin. When that happens, acne follows.  If you can minimize the stressful elements in your life, you can send acne back to your past.

Now that you are an adult, you can finally eat whatever you want.  But that “grown-up diet” of fast food, beer and cigarettes is more harmful than you think.  By avoiding a balanced diet, you are preventing your skin from fighting acne before it starts. So, it’s time to put down the nachos, skip the beer and quit smoking.  After all, you are an adult.  Start acting like one.     

Finally, get in shape.  That extra 10 or 15 pounds is not just bad for your waistline. It’s bad for your skin too.  When you exercise, your body eliminates all of the toxins that affect your health.  Those toxins also play havoc with your skin.

Fighting adult acne isn’t that hard.  But to do so, you will need to finally eliminate some of the habits that you should have gotten rid of years ago.